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Key tasks of the association:

● Popularization of coaching all around the world;
● Popularization and development of consulting and consulting services;
● Support of quality standards of professional services of coaches, trainers, and consulters;
● Quality control or rendered services, professional support of coaches, trainers, and consulters.

Association unites professional coaches, trainers, and consulters providing all necessary information for those who want to employ services of coach, business trainer or to receive professional consultation.

The best professionals at their business are gathered on the site; there is also convenient coach searching catalogue.

Who we are?

Established in 2008 as the the International Professional Association of Coaching & Consulting (IPACC) has grown on an annual basis to become the leading authority on Coaching & Consulting.

Whether it’s sharing knowledge, bringing you together with like-minded professionals, or providing practical advice and solutions, the International Professional Association of Coaching & Consulting (IPACC) delivers an unrivalled service to the workplace coaching sector.


Hopkins Consulting Agency


Security Training Center


Life Excellence Academy


Universal Business Tagline

"When you feel that you or your service meets or exceeds the standards, the Certification Application Package can be purchased and completed. The completed application and appropriate application fee are then submitted to the Commission."

Step 1, Application

"If your application is approved, you’ll receive a letter of introduction and be able to pay one-time Certification fee. Payment must have been received by IPACC by midnight, UTC, on the closing date of each registration period."

Step 2, Pay the Certification Fees

"Once application is submitted our staff will schedule a date of the assessment that is mutually agreeable. A team of IPACC-trained assessors will provide an assessment to determine compliance with standards, views operations, conducts a public information session, and reports its findings to the Commission for final determination of accreditation status."

Step 3, Self or On-Site Assessment

"If successful, you or your service will be recognized for its excellence as defined by the IPACC high standards. Then you will be able to display the IPACC logo on your site and revived digital copy of IPACC Certificate."

Step 4, Founder and Director at Company.